Comprehensive Business Office Outsourcing

Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Solutions
from Initial Billing to Final Account Resolution

Healthcare organizations often struggle with covering the full back-end of revenue cycle management (RCM) services that resolve accounts and accelerate revenue efficiently and cost-effectively. Comprehensive Business Office Outsourcing is a customizable total solution that drives efficiency and coordinates communication and results across multiple departments to provide a comprehensive picture of account resolution, while significantly improving the patient financial experience.

For hospitals and health systems currently outsourcing RCM services to more than one vendor, Comprehensive Business Office Outsourcing increases operational efficiencies and overall financial results by consolidating all solutions on one service platform and simplifies administrative burdens for hospital RCM leaders with a one-stop-shop solution.

1.  Comprehensive Analysis

Full revenue cycle assessment to uncover opportunities from initial billing all the way through final account resolution while quantifying improvement.

2. Customized Plan

Develop a customized plan that increases revenues, minimizes costs, optimizes your return on investment (ROI), and accelerates cash flow.

4. Data and Reporting

Full transparency with access to real-time data online for accurate insights into claims, payments, invoices and more. Clear tracking and reporting on key performance indicators (KPIs) and service level agreements (SLAs).

3. Best Practice Implementation

Implement the plan across all RCM touch points, including staff training, process improvement, innovative technology and best practice standards published by the Healthcare Financial Management. Association (HFMA).

Comprehensive Business Office Outsourcing Scope of Services

Billing & Clearinghouse

Insurance A/R Follow-up

Denial Management

Payment Posting

Patient Liability Resolution

Bad Debt Recovery

Innovative Technologies

Reporting & Benchmarks

Digital Patient Engagement

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