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Welcome to the Meduit Innovation Lab.

This valuable resource is designed to highlight industry best practices that help you stay ahead of the curve. Feel free to browse through our blog, webinars, and educational and training resources. Please let us know your thoughts as well as additional topics that you would like to see included here.

Welcome to the Meduit Podcast Series. Here you can access podcasts and learn more about leading edge topics in revenue cycle management.

Season #1

Artificial Intelligence Will Save the Revenue Cycle
with Jason Petrasich, Senior Vice President of Artificial Intelligence for Meduit

September 2020

How Web Bots Solve Healthcare RCM Problems 
with Jason Petrasich, Senior Vice President of Artificial Intelligence for Meduit

October 2020

Employing Predictive Analytics to Work Smarter RCM
with Jason Petrasich, Senior Vice President of AI for Meduit

December 2020

Season #2

Self-service vs. Full-service Patient Engagement Tools
with Greg Rassier, Chief Operating Officer for Meduit

May 2022

Recovering More Value from Medicare Bad Debt
with Dave Frank, President of F2 Healthcare a Meduit company

July 2022

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