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Meduit knows revenue cycle solutions like no one else.

Meduit delivers efficient and effective revenue cycle management solutions that lead to measurable, high-performing results that maximize ROI for hospitals, health systems and physician groups. 

Meduit’s RCM services help lower cost, increase accuracy and collect cash faster thanks to a more efficient, automated process.

Leveraging artificial intelligence technologies, Meduit’s revenue cycle management solutions:

Do the work cheaper than clients can do it themselves
Accelerate cash flow by ensuring payer deadlines are met
Collect cash faster thanks to a more efficient process

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February 2024 edition of Meduit’s digital RCM magazine Cycle Up

This is a critical year for healthcare providers and their revenue cycle health. Though hospital margins are on the rebound, staffing shortages and rising labor costs persist, while claim denials continue to increase at a double-digit pace. Escalating healthcare costs are fueling a need to improve the patient experience in order to drive collections.

Playing the Claim Denials Game

Do you feel like your healthcare enterprise is playing a board game and rolling the dice when it comes to managing claim denials? You are not alone. The follow-up process has certainly changed and become a huge burden for providers.

What’s Coming Down the Road for Healthcare RCM in 2024

2023 was an important transitional year for healthcare. The COVID-19 federal health emergency has ended, and along with it, government programs such as the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act, that helped mitigate the economic burden on hospitals and providers.