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Meduit knows revenue cycle solutions like no one else.

Our comprehensive suite of revenue cycle solutions accelerates cash flow for a greater return on investment that can be achieved by managing receivables in-house.

We start by assessing your specific needs to develop strategies designed to meet your goals. But more than that, we earn trust by recovering more money faster and with a compassionate approach that sets us apart.

Born out of a drive for excellence and a passion for revenue cycle solutions for healthcare organizations and the patients they serve, Meduit delivers:

A unique accounts receivable model and methodology focused on 3 key metrics
A sophisticated and highly experienced healthcare financial consulting team
Innovative technology to repeatedly achieve higher net recovery rates
Dedicated in-house compliance and data security teams with industry-leading processes

Meduit Breaking News

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MeduitAI™ - Welcome to the Future of Revenue Cycle Management

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expected to transform the healthcare revenue cycle. As a revenue cycle solutions leader, Meduit is setting the pace with AI products and services that elevate accounts receivable and accelerate cash. To that end, Meduit is pleased to announce the launch of MeduitAI? - a line of AI solutions that support the revenue cycle needs of the healthcare industry.

American Hospital Association (AHA) Executive Forum: Medicine + Machines

The recent AHA Executive Forum in Chicago spotlighted the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on healthcare and opportunities that AI affords providers. Randy Tempest, Senior Vice President of Sales and Relationship Management, and Doug Marcum, Senior Vice President of Technology, represented Meduit at the event as hospital and health system thought leaders from organizations across the country gathered to gain insights into how AI is transforming healthcare.

How AI with Autonomous Coding is Improving Coding Accuracy

Medical billing errors and coding issues, such as failing to use updated code sets and bad or missing documentation, can lead to claim denials and payment delays impacting healthcare providers financially. According to one study, up to 90% of medical bills contain errors that are cumulatively estimated to be worth $750 billion a year. By reducing human touches, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing an increasingly critical role in streamlining healthcare processes, including medical coding, to improve coding accuracy and documentation while reducing costs and driving revenue. Learn more in our latest Issue Brief about how technologies, like MedAutoCode, are leveraging AI with autonomous coding to improve coding accuracy with zero human interaction.