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Meduit knows revenue cycle management like no one else.

Our comprehensive suite of revenue cycle management services accelerates cash flow for a greater return on investment than can be achieved by managing receivables in-house.

We start by assessing your specific needs to develop strategies designed to meet your goals. But more than that, we earn trust by recovering more money faster and with a compassionate approach that sets us apart.

Born out of a drive for excellence and a passion for RCM for healthcare organizations and the patients they serve, Meduit delivers:

A unique accounts receivable model and methodology focused on 3 key metrics
A sophisticated and highly experienced healthcare financial consulting team
Innovative technology to repeatedly achieve higher net recovery rates
Dedicated in-house compliance and data security teams with industry-leading processes

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Communication with Patients: How to Speak Their Language

By now you?ve heard that engaging patients in their care is essential to positive outcomes - and therefore reimbursement - so many times you?ve lost count. You?ve read the guides on how to develop better engagement campaigns (psst?if you haven?t, we have one for you here), attended sessions on the importance of activation at association events, maybe you even created focus groups within your own facility to determine how you can empower patients to take control of their care. But all the training and campaigns come down to one thing: proper communication.

5 Simple KPIs for Monitoring Revenue Cycle Health

In healthcare, as it is in many industries, cash is king. All healthcare systems have financial teams to dive deep into performance throughout the year, but on a regular basis many hospitals and practices assess the health of the revenue on cash flow alone. However, even at face value accounts receivable is only one metric to monitor.

Are You Wasting Time on Patient Collections?

How are you prioritizing patient accounts before calling on outstanding balances?