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Meduit knows revenue cycle solutions like no one else.

Meduit delivers efficient and effective revenue cycle management solutions that lead to measurable, high-performing results that maximize ROI for hospitals, health systems and physician groups. 

Meduit’s RCM services help lower cost, increase accuracy and collect cash faster thanks to a more efficient, automated process.

Leveraging artificial intelligence technologies, Meduit’s revenue cycle management solutions:

Do the work cheaper than clients can do it themselves
Accelerate cash flow by ensuring payer deadlines are met
Collect cash faster thanks to a more efficient process

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A Comprehensive RCM Solution from Initial Billing to Account Resolution

Is your hospital or health system missing a comprehensive picture of back-end account resolution? We created MedComplete as a full revenue cycle offering that spans the entire back-end from insurance billing all the way through to accounts and patient liability resolution, while identifying and quantifying improvements in collections along the way.

June 2022 edition of Meduit’s digital RCM magazine Cycle Up

Hospitals, health systems and physician groups across the country are struggling with staffing shortages following two years of COVID-19, including in their revenue cycle departments, which hampers financial recovery.

Maintaining Cash Flow and Healthy Revenue in spite of Covid-19

COVID-19 has negatively impacted the finances of most healthcare organizations. At Meduit, we are committed to understanding the changing environment of the healthcare revenue cycle and creating new services to support our partners.