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Because of our size, strength, experience and compassionate team, Meduit is able to provide an all-encompassing array of revenue cycle management services that achieves cash acceleration for thousands of providers across the country. Our full suite of services can help improve your organization’s financial performance throughout the entire revenue cycle, freeing you to focus on delivering excellence in patient care.

Our comprehensive revenue cycle management solutions set includes:

MedEBO: Meduit’s Extended Business Office services target increasing cash flow and resolves accounts receivable before it is written off to bad debt. From insurance balances to self-pay, we offer a wide range of services designed to be a true extension of your office, including:

  • Self-pay Services – Collecting Self-pay and Self-pay after insurance balances. Services can be tailored for specific aging and balance ranges
  • Insurance Services – Recovering insurance balances from any payor, assisting with resolving denied claims and providing Legacy A/R work down services when converting to a new system platform. Services can be tailored for specific aging and balance ranges

MedCAP: Meduit’s Conversion Assistance Program allows a healthcare organization’s staff to focus on moving into their new system environment while we provide a steady flow from the existing legacy accounts receivable.

MedCollect: Meduit provides state-of-the-art collection services to hospitals and large physician organizations.

MedConsult: Through MBOC, Meduit’s Consulting Services provides an outside view to your internal operations, giving insight to a best practices approach to RCM.

MedSpan: Meduit’s Claim Denials data analytics services and process solutions provides a cloud-based solution for managing your denied claim process.

MedEZPay: Meduit’s payment monitoring and follow up program alerts patients when a payment is due and simplifies the payment process.

Workers’ Comp: Meduit’s Workers’ Compensation program works with the patient’s employer and workers’ compensation carrier to ensure that workers’ compensation claims are collected accurately and timely.