Meduit Medicare Bad Debt

Maximizing missed reimbursements with a unique approach

The Meduit Medicare Bad Debt Solution leverages proven technology-based analytics, deep expertise and a dedicated team to recover every dollar a healthcare provider might have missed in niche reimbursement areas.

Our expertise includes:

Medicare Bad Debt
Medicare Advantage Bad Debt
Uncompensated Care (S-10) Reporting

Our Medicare Bad Debt lookback service has a 100% success rate, adding net bottom line cash related to historical cost report periods. This service is performance-based, meaning if there is no opportunity, there is no cost.

We drive results, including:

Discovering issues in bad debt log compilation methodology and net revenue additional cash unknown to the system
Helping uncover process and methodology differences across hospitals in the system causing inefficiencies and missed value
Assisting with design of new processes to streamline annual Medicare Bad Debt reimbursement activity and ensure regulatory compliance

For a free customized hospital-specific opportunity sheet detailing historical totals and an opportunity overview for your facility, click here.

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