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Meduit knows revenue cycle solutions like no one else.

Meduit delivers efficient and effective revenue cycle management solutions that lead to measurable, high-performing results that maximize ROI for hospitals, health systems and physician groups. 

Meduit’s RCM services help lower cost, increase accuracy and collect cash faster thanks to a more efficient, automated process.

Leveraging artificial intelligence technologies, Meduit’s revenue cycle management solutions:

Do the work cheaper than clients can do it themselves
Accelerate cash flow by ensuring payer deadlines are met
Collect cash faster thanks to a more efficient process

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SARA Learning at an Exponential Rate

Meduit?s SARA Family of Web Bots launched approximately six months ago to solve a specific task problem within the revenue cycle for a Meduit client. Her initial task was to retrieve granular status of a claim from a payer via their portal and then report that status back to the patient file. SARA stands for Supervised Autonomous Revenue Associate. She was built as an autonomous web bot that functions with true machine learning skills. Like all ?smart? technologies that leverage artificial intelligence (AI), SARA learns over time, and she is doing so at a faster rate than anticipated while handling more complex challenges.Since her birth in mid-2020, SARA has gone from one to a dozen applications of her problem-solving AI skills. She completes the work of two to four employees for every 10 working today. For example, with 15 employees working a specific process such as preauthorization or A/R claim status, the addition of SARA to the job would be the equivalent of adding three to six employees to the task.?In one case study, SARA picked up the work of 10 employees for a single organization and created an annualized value of $500,000 for that provider,? said Jason Petrasich, Senior Vice President of Meduit. ?She is able to help generate results faster than ever before by functioning in tandem with staff while absorbing additional workload to keep the momentum going.?SARA is a revenue cycle game-changer that delivers month after month after month. To date, these are the tasks that SARA has mastered:

Quickly Increasing Cash Flow for Individual and Group Practitioners

Due to the impact of COVID-19, individual and group practitioners across healthcare are facing unprecedented financial challenges. Many small practices do not have the resources to make outbound efforts to collect on outstanding patient accounts. As a result, those accounts are in danger of being lost to bad debt. Meduit understands and has created Meduit One ? an automated, online, virtual collection agency to accelerate cash efficiently and effectively.Designed for physicians, specialty practices, chiropractors, dentists and veterinarians, Meduit One focuses on resolving aged accounts that are likely to fall into bad debt and collects on those past due accounts. Meduit One?s full-service ?app? helps drive cash faster to achieve financial stability and manages bad debt through its innovative technology to generate outstanding financial results.Meduit One:

Professional Claims Bureau, Inc. Joins Meduit to Expand Market Share and Services as One of the Nation’s Largest Healthcare Revenue Cycle Solutions Companies

Charlotte, NC ? Meduit, one of the top five healthcare revenue cycle solutions companies in the country, announced today that Professional Claims Bureau, Inc. (PCB) has joined forces with Meduit. Together, the two companies will leverage their combined broad and complementary revenue cycle management (RCM) capabilities to fuel strategic growth in the healthcare sector.