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Meduit leads the industry with tech-powered solutions that leverage artificial intelligence and robotic process automation to reduce human touches, drive efficiency and accuracy while accelerating cash. MeduitAI technologies are woven throughout many of Meduit’s solutions along the continuum. The positive demonstrable impact is accelerating at a faster pace than we predicted.

Leveraging our size, strength, experience and compassionate team, Meduit’s all-encompassing array of revenue cycle management solutions achieve cash acceleration for thousands of providers across the country. Our full suite of services can help improve your organization’s financial performance throughout the entire revenue cycle, freeing you to focus on delivering excellence in patient care.

Our comprehensive revenue cycle management solutions set includes:


Meduit Patient Financial Clearance: Pre-service collections for patient-portion liability and comprehensive customer service. Financial planning with the patient prior to services being rendered.

Meduit Insurance Financial Clearance: Checks accounts to ensure that insurance is valid for the patient on the date of service, ensures authorization/pre-certification requirements are met or understood if not met, and obtains patient co-pay and deductible amounts. Each patient can then be classified as cleared and ready for service, or given a high/low risk designation for additional follow-up with insurance and/or the patient prior to the scheduled services being rendered.

Meduit Patient Financing: An alternative solution to provide a convenient, flexible and low-cost option for patients to pay medical expenses, while the healthcare provider immediately receives full payment without the need to discount services. All patients qualify and a credit check is not required. These low-interest loans are designed to fit within monthly cash flow budgets and there are no surprise fees or payment penalties. Click here for more information about Meduit Patient Financing.

Pre-registration Call Center: The Pre-registration team provides highly skilled, dedicated call center staff using proprietary telephony and digital technology to contact patients, prior to services being rendered, to support the registration process. This service provides a comprehensive customer service process, including verification of demographic and insurance information and a patient-friendly approach to educating patients and helping them resolve their estimated patient liability and providing methods of account resolution.


Denials Resolution (Technical and Clinical/Coding): Denied accounts have reached a pain point across the industry, with denials growing 20% over the last five years. Meduit will utilize EDI billing data (ANSI 276/277 and 835) and remit data to determine and classify the nature of the denial. Meduit employs highly experienced denial staff specializing in effectively appealing and overturning denials to maximize recovery and reduce loss. Credentialed clinical staff oversee the clinical appeal processes, reviewing medical records and appealing based on documentation supporting the needs for the service. As an add-on, certified coding staff review code-based denials and ensure correct and appropriate coding is applied to both the claim and the EHR for faster payment recovery.

Meduit Early Out Self-Pay: Using a state-of-the-art collection platform to collect patient liability balances, applying innovative technology and tools to drive cash and dramatically decrease bad debt. The use of digital technology allows Meduit to meet patients where and how they want to be met, customizing the outreach to enhance the patient experience.

Meduit EBO (Extended Business Office): A hybrid model working both in your patient accounting system for full transparency at all times and utilizing our state-of-the-art technology platform to provide a Comprehensive Patient Experience Model with digital communications, automation and reporting. Meduit’s EBO model delivers exceptional results while providing a superior patient experience.

Meduit Patient Concierge App: Understanding a hospital bill can be challenging for patients. They often cannot discern what they owe and how to pay it. When a patient launches the app, an avatar named Eve walks them through their bill and explains every part of it, prompting the patient to make a payment or access their account online. Click here for more information about Meduit’s Patient Concierge App.

Meduit Insurance Billing & Follow-up: Billing and recovering insurance balances from any payer, accelerating cash flow and decreasing dollars and days in A/R with Meduit’s highly trained staff and the best technology. Meduit is committed to the conversion and maximization of our A/R to cash. Meduit stays up to date with the constantly changing government regulations, payer requirements and documentation and is your trusted partner for all of your insurance billing and follow-up needs.

Meduit Workers’ Compensation: Meduit works with the patient’s employer and workers’ compensation carrier to ensure that workers’ compensation claims are collected accurately in a timely manner. Meduit understands the specific billing rules, reimbursement and standards set by the State’s Fee Schedule, as well as the regulations set by the U.S. Department of Labor, County and City Workers’ Compensation processes, and insurance carriers to resolve these complex claims.

Meduit Bad Debt Collections: Meduit’s extensive collection programs on patient balances that have been written off from true self-pay and self-pay after insurance. Meduit utilizes a mix of proven tools, including a propensity-to-pay segmentation model, various patient engagement channels, including an online payment portal, email and text, along with the traditional methods, making it easy for patients to fulfill their payment obligation. Coupled with strict compliance of state and federal regulations, Meduit is dedicated to healthcare collections and treats patients with respect, compassion and understanding.

Meduit Employee Overpayments: The overpayments service is a no-risk solution that enables professional organizations to avoid unnecessary write-offs and recover from payments made to employees from payroll, expense advances, tuition reimbursement, and relocation fees.

Meduit Patient Financing: An alternative solution to provide a convenient, flexible and low-cost option for patients to pay medical expenses, while the healthcare provider immediately receives full payment without the need to discount services. All patients qualify, and a credit check is not required. These low-interest loans are designed to fit within monthly cash flow budgets, and there are no surprise fees or payment penalties. Click here for more information about Meduit Patient Financing.


Comprehensive Business Office Outsourcing: Meduit’s full business office outsource offering will seamlessly provide highly trained staff, proven processes and innovative, proprietary technology from initial insurance billing through final account resolution, covering all business office functions.

Meduit’s Comprehensive Business Office Outsourcing is customizable to meet specific hospital needs and can fix specific holes in the revenue cycle or repair the entire revenue cycle based upon your unique needs. Meduit will increase operational efficiencies and financial results, while enhancing the patient’s financial experience and alleviating your administrative burdens.

Click here for more information on Meduit Comprehensive Business Office Outsourcing.


Meduit Zero Balance Review: Identifies unpaid and underpaid balances from closed patient accounts from all types of payers, including government, commercial and self-funded. On average, Meduit finds a full 1% to 2% of a hospital’s net revenue in additional collections and then applies expertise to collect on those revenues. The fee is on a contingency basis, virtually free of charge considering the recovery is on unexpected, additional cash. If nothing is found, there is no fee. Click here for more information about Meduit Zero Balance Review.

Meduit Consulting Services: Meduit’s Consulting Services provides an outside view to your internal operations, giving insight to a best practices approach to revenue cycle management. Meduit can provide a detailed analysis of your revenue cycle and provide recommendations for improvement or provide the solutions to achieve the desired results, in many cases lowering the overall cost to collect.

Meduit Denials Management: Meduit will utilize EDI billing data (ANSI 276/277 and 835), and remit data, in the client’s proprietary system, to determine whether claims were paid correctly. Meduit will research and fix denials by providing proper verbiage and managing the appeal process along with denial analytics and reporting.


Complete expertise in federal programs and regulations to maximize cash recovery. Meduit’s team specializes in recovering missed revenue from Medicare bad debt, Medicare Advantage bad debt, uncompensated care (S-10) reporting; identifying patient eligibility for Medicaid programs; and handling Veterans Affairs (VA) accounts and reimbursements.

Meduit Medicare Bad Debt: Meduit’s Medicare bad debt recovery solution leverages expert consulting backed by regulatory expertise, collaborative customer service and technology-driven analytics to address missed or lost reimbursements and maximize net recovery. Click here for more information about Meduit Medicare Bad Debt.

Meduit Medicaid Eligibility: A hands-on patient eligibility assistance solution to convert self-pay to qualified Medicaid coverage, which decreases unpaid bills, drives hospital cash flow and increases patient satisfaction. Click here for more information about Meduit Medicaid Eligibility.

Veterans Affairs/Tricare/Champus Services: A holistic approach to effectively managing Veterans Affairs (VA) accounts with highly skilled staff specializing in prebilling services of VA claims. Click here for more information about Veterans Affairs/Tricare/Champus Services.


MeduitAI™ leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce human touches, lower cost, increase accuracy and collect cash faster thanks to a more efficient, automated process. Click here for more information about MeduitAI.

Meduit Predictive Analytics: Predictive analytics revenue cycle solutions that enable providers to prioritize work, optimize resources and accelerate cash. Meduit’s predictive analytics include components targeted to payer payment and denials, patient payments and presumptive charity. Click here for more information about Meduit Predictive Analytics.

SARA: Short for Supervised Autonomous Revenue Associate, SARA is designed to solve specific revenue cycle tasks. Click here for more information about SARA.

Meduit Automated Pre-authorization: Leverages artificial intelligence to automatically submit an authorization, including required clinical information, when triggered by a new order or schedule entry.

Meduit Automated Claims Follow-up: Goes beyond a simple claim status and determines and executes the next action needed in order to get that claim resolved.