Artificial Intelligence is transforming the revenue cycle

Introducing MeduitAI

Welcome to the future of revenue cycle management – MeduitAI. Our leading AI solutions reduce human touches, lower cost, increase accuracy and collect cash faster thanks to more efficient, automated processes, including:

Voice Analytics: Analyzes collections calls to hospital and health system patients to drive better patient experiences on behalf of hospital and health system clients.

Reviews vastly more calls than humans in a shorter period of time
Increases the quality of the call review
Results in a better patient experience, which leads to higher cash collections, improved HCAHPS scores and patient loyalty for future healthcare needs
Supports compliance with established internal policies and multi-level government regulations

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Meduit Automated Pre-authorization: Leverages artificial intelligence to automatically submit an authorization, including required clinical information, when triggered by a new order or schedule entry.


Meduit Automated Claims Follow-up: Goes beyond a simple claim status and determines and executes the next action needed in order to get that claim resolved.



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“Deliver and Continuously Improve Patient Engagement Through Back Office Operations with NLP” presented by Christopher Johnson, Vice President of Patient Financial Services for Atrium Health, and Jason Petrasich, Meduit’s Vice President of Artificial Intelligence.


Artificial Intelligence Delivers Support for Staffing Issues and Revenue Acceleration. Learn more in our case study.


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Automated Preauthorization

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