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Dramatic changes for healthcare providers require dynamic solutions:

Patient out-of-pocket expenses have exponentially increased, affecting their ability to pay and placing greater stress on accounts receivables
Thanks to shrinking margins accounts receivables are more important than ever and increasingly out of reach
Lack of internal provider resources prohibit effectively working accounts receivable at a best practice level

What are you

doing to reduce

self-pay recovery


With an extensive history in healthcare revenue cycle solutions, Meduit knows the industry like no one else.

  • You can count on a comprehensive, proven suite of services that starts from the beginning of a patient’s account and goes all the way though to collecting on bad debt.
  • The Meduit team targets the early phases of an account when it is less expensive to deliver revenue. Through improved contact and close rates, Meduit can recover more money faster than you can recover on your own.
  • With Meduit as your trusted RCM partner, you can direct your valuable resources to patient care rather than accounts receivable.